A poem about the temptation of trepidation

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

I don’t know how it happens
or why it ever feels
that tight in my chest
and the dizzy that reels

One day it may be there
and the next it has gone
leaving me to ponder
what had ever been wrong

But then it returns
to haunt me a new day
a constant companion
that never quite goes away

My worrisome chum
and yet my fearsome foe
who chokes me and consoles me
then pretends to let go

I can’t tell you which may
next arrest my mind
if it will hate spaces
or spiders or time

All that I can tell you
is that it will hit
for fear is a drug
that I can’t seem to quit



A poem about the price of giving into fear and apathy

Photo by Ankit Manoharan on Unsplash

We’ve been better
there was more to us once
a sweetness that’s since rotted
and slowly grown rust

Though I’m betting back then
much of our existence
wore thick protective layers
of sweet ignorance

Now hearts lacking use
and understanding unsought
has hidden perspective
from any worthy…



Rebecca Ahn

Rebecca Ahn


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