My Top Travel Safety Accessories

Get these travel essentials and stay safe on your next trip!

Rebecca Ahn


No matter how tough or experienced a traveler you may be, it never hurts to take along some key travel safety accessories for backup support. Especially us women+ who are statistically more likely to face situations where that backup would come in very handy.

Hey there’s no shame in it. Even James Bond had his gadgets. So think of me as your Q, advising you on the best gear for your next adventure.

Now do please pay close attention, 007. Below are my top recommended safety accessories for travelers like you armed with a license to thrill.

1. Best Travel Wallet: Bryker Hyde 2 ID Window RFID Wallet

Bryker Hyde 2 RFID Travel Wallet on Amazon
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Having the right travel wallet inside your (hopefully anti-theft) bag is crucial for keeping your stuff safe and secure on your travels. This is my ideal wallet to take traveling, given its compact size, yet considerable capacity for all your essential cash, cards, copy of your passport, etc. All while protecting your info from electronic theft with RFID blocking. And without breaking your travel budget either.

Ignore the fact that it’s called a men’s wallet. Unfortunately, all the best compact-yet-functional wallets seem to be geared towards men. I’m no stranger to shopping in the men’s section of department stores for these kinds of accessories. I do it all the time. I ain’t afraid. Though it would be nice if they recognized that women want these too. That these kinds of accessories (like so many other things) should actually be gender neutral. But what can ya do?

You’ll still want to keep this wallet somewhere less easily accessible for thief hands. So tuck it into a secure or lockable bag pocket, or that hidden pocket in your clothing (see below).

Then if you want to be extra clever, keep a decoy wallet handy as well. This one doesn’t have to be as fancy or RFID blocking. Any cheap wallet will do. Cheap enough that you won’t resent parting with it, but not so cheap that it makes a mugger suspicious. We don’t want it to be obvious it’s a decoy, now do we?

2. Best Travel Wallet Accessory: The Wallet Ninja



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